Why Hire Gary?

    I have a passion for camping that has driven me to develop a unique set of skills. Having lead successful camps for more than 25 years. Iíve been able to spend the past 13 years visiting, analyzing, and coaching over 300 individual camps. Some were successful camps committed to continuous improvement. Others were struggling with needs in wide ranges of essential areas---program, marketing, executive training, facilities, strategic planning and more. Camp directors, boards, and key stakeholders gain a powerful perspective seeing their special camp through a new set of eyes, and vividly portrayed, proven solutions. It isnít always what they want to hear. But they always know Iím their partner in moving to greater levels of success. I would be happy to bring that passion to a partnership with your camp and its leaders. Letís talk.

More About Gary:

ACA New England Peter Kerns Award 2010 for development of camp professionals

YMCA "Legends of Camping" Hall of Fame, 2010

Camping Specialist, YMCA of the USA, Chicago IL

ACA National Board Member

Vice President, Greater Hartford YMCA (Camps Jewell, Woodstock, & Chase)
Executive Director, Camp Jewell YMCA, CT

Property Mgr & Summer Director, Camp Tecumseh YMCA, IN

Master of Science, Management/Marketing, Krannert Graduate School of Management, Purdue University

Summer Camp Director, Flat Rock River YMCA Camp, IN

Bachelor of Architecture, Kent State University

Eagle Scout, Boy Scouts of America

    Send an email to gary@garyforster.com to set up a time when we can talk on the phone.