“Gary has been invaluable in helping my staff and volunteers refocus on the core elements of how to create, fix, or maintain a successful camping program. (He) will help you diagnose problems, discover new solutions and inspire you to operate at the next level.” -- Doug Grimm, Vice President, Camping Services , YMCA of Metro Detroit

    “Gary brings a wealth of experience. For every suggestion he has direct examples of how they worked for others. And he's just a good guy to work with.” -- Tim Foster, CEO, Golden State YMCA and Sequoia Lake Camps

    “Six months later we are still finding hidden gems in Gary’s follow-up report. It rings as true today as it did during his visit. If you are a camp that is struggling to find your bearings, you can’t afford not to meet with Gary Forster.”” -- Scott Hall, Executive Director, Pleasant Hill Christian Camp, OH

    “When Gary visits he looks at your camp through his experience as a former camp counselor, camp executive, architect, and camp specialist for the YMCA. He’s always looking for ways camps can improve. He stays on the cutting edges of innovative marketing techniques to help your camp grow camper and staff return rates while developing your camp culture. Get Gary to share his “Solution Collection” with you, your staff, and your board.” -- Shawn Moriarty , Camp Director , YMCA of the Ozarks-Camp Lakewood

    “Gary has positively affected the lives of countless children in scores of camps. From strategic planning and financial development to program design and facility maintenance, there is no greater friend to youth camping in the country than Gary Forster.” -- Steve Heiny, Executive Director Flat Rock River Camp , YMCA of Greater Indianapolis

    “Gary is a passionate communicator, a visionary leader, a talented coach, and a compassionate realist in his approach. His knowledge of all things camping, especially program and facility management, combined with his humor-filled delivery skills make him more than an industry leader; he’s an industry standard by whom all others can be gauged.” -- Skip Zimmerman, Frost Valley YMCA

    “As a trainer, motivator and thought-provoker, Gary is among the very best. He possesses a keen understanding of human connections. Gary has an innate ability to take a step back and look at a program, a product, or a problem and evaluate through a variety of lenses and angles, providing you with comprehensive feedback.” -- Zachary Hoffman , Resident Camp Director , YMCA of Greater Pittsburgh

    “Under his tutelage, our camper population grew tremendously in three years. We were able to begin master site planning for our facility and make some of the long needed improvements that our customers (Mom's) wanted to see. What Gary has to share is not rocket science, but he is the only one I know that has discovered easy-to-digest techniques that any interested and motivated camp can use to grow and thrive.” -- Mike McFadden, Camping Services Director , Element Skate Camp

    “Gary provides immediately actionable, practical, and affordable ideas and resources for making dramatic improvements to camp programs, facilities, and operations. Gary has a keen eye for understanding what camper parents look for when selecting a camp.” -- Greg Friese , former Wilderness Program Director , Camp Manito-wish YMCA

    “Gary helps others capture the power of prioritizing their efforts, (focusing) on the basics that contribute to positive experiences for campers and their families.” -- Monica Elenbaas , Director of Volunteer Service & Learning , YMCA of the USA

    “I've known Gary since 1987. Whenever I am around him, he is inspiring, insightful, and smart. Perhaps nobody knows the camp business like Gary does, …for child development, the environment, and its place in the world. He knows how to plan strategically and lead others through the process.” -- Jim Parry, Collin County Adventure Camp, TX

    “The local YMCAs Gary has served consider him to be THE expert, coach, and advocate for all things camping. He's tireless about seeking out new technology, tools, and research. (That's where he and I worked together especially closely.) He's swift to pick up on the implications of a study or possible uses of a new tool. He also has a great nose for sniffing out what looks good but might not work.” -- Ann Feeney , Research Manager , YMCA of the USA

    Send an email to gary@garyforster.com to set up a time when we can talk on the phone.