Mission Partners

These are individuals and firms that I’ve worked with often. I recommend their work, and we also do projects together. (If you give them a shout, feel free to mention my name.)

Planning & Design

OCBA Placemakers and Slocum Architects
I’ve worked cooperatively with these folks on two dozen major camp projects, including planning & design for Camp Tecumseh’s Lake Village (IN), Camp Echo (MI), Camp Crosley (IN), Camp Huckins for Girls (NH), Camp Lakewood (MO), and many more. After a camp has developed their strategic plan, I think the next step is a master site plan design; and the most effective way to do that while gaining broad ownership by a wide range of stakeholders is with a “Design Charette.” You’ll quickly get the color site plans, conceptual drawings, and color renderings you need for funding and zoning approval. That gives you time to work on the individual designs of the “Phase I” facilities; with OCBA and Slocum, or with your local designers.

Graphic Design and Web Hosting

The Shtumpa Design Workshop of Haines, Alaska.
Kevin Forster created this Web site. He beautifully and functionally represents many firms online, taking care of everything from the initial URL registration, inexpensive hosting by HostMonster, and fast-loading designs that stay away from gimmicks. Kevin also does creative logo and t-shirt designs. Eric Forster runs the t-shirt printing side, with a special focus on organic materials. (Both have been camp counselors and wilderness guides).

Online Training for Camp Staff

ExpertOnlineTraining.com -- Home of the "Chris Thurber" videos (and now, 2 by Gary on how to interview staff, (and if necessary, how to fire them!)
With Expert Online Training, staff training starts today! We are proud to offer two customizable libraries of training materials—videos, flash presentations, quizzes, and handouts—that you can use to jumpstart training. Leadership Essentials, designed by child psychologist Dr. Christopher Thurber, features 50 videos that teach critical leadership skills every staff member needs to effectively deal with intense social, behavioral, disciplinary, and supervisory challenges.

Risk Management

Safe-Wise Consulting Experience - Knowledge - Insight
Risk management is a systematic approach to protecting the assets of an organization. Your assets include property, people, money, and reputation. No one has more experience and knowledge or can help to protect you better than Safe-Wise Consulting. Gary is a Safe-Wise Staff Consultant on camping, and a member of the National Training Staff.


Donor by Design Group
Mike Bussey and I have worked together on many camp planning, management, and fundraising projects. We also produced the acclaimed “Camp Fundraising Symposiums” for 7 years. Bruce Berglund has been an invaluable friend of camping with his exclusive Camp Endowment materials and sponsorship of the Symposium’s 3 best attended years.

Marketing & Customer Satisfaction

Camp Consulting Services,
Joanna Warren Smith has provided program and marketing evaluation and implementation strategy as follow-through for many of the camps I’ve consulted with.

Free Camp Management Resources

Randall Grayson, PhD
Nobody in camping gives as much away for free as Randy Grayson. He's worked and studied all types of camps and written extensively. His website had dozens of uniquely thoughtful and useful articles and even whole books. He's put it all to use to make Camp Augusta, CA one of the finest in the country (worth looking at to see how much depth a summer-only camp can provide).

Program Design

YMCA Rag and Leather Program
Terra Lynn Dearth is the passionate and tireless Director of the YMCA Christian Leadership Conferences and Rag & Leather Programs. For almost 100 years the Rag Society has been giving counselors and campers a format for reflection and support in their personal spiritual journey, in the most natural place for growth to happen: summer camp.