Some camps fill every year. Does yours?

  Most camps donít. If you're in that situation, have you been able to ďturn it aroundĒ yet? Camp directors so often assume theyíve been hired to use what they already know to find the solutions. In fact, they're hired for what they can find from the best resources available, and how quickly they can get it done. A trained, short-term guide can help you discover the underutilized potentials of your special camp, and provide a non-biased perspective on those things preventing your success. Then your leadership can motivate and organize your staff, vendors, and volunteers to reach your goals, and reach so many more campers.

As a process consultant, I work with youth camp and retreat center leaders to help them fill their camps by making them remarkable. We all know that successful businesses only get that way with positive word-of-mouth. But you canít fake that; your product must meet expectations and then some; so both your parents and campers are compelled to remark to everyone they know about this terrific new community theyíve joined. Thereís no shortcut. But amazingly, itís no harder than continuing with the status quo, and itís usually less expensive. Itís just very different from what youíve heard elsewhere. Read a couple of the "Most Requested Articles" and you'll see what I mean.

Need proof? Some of the most successful camps in the country are regular clients. ďBut theyíre already full!Ē Right. Because early-on they learned that continuous improvement isnít just effective, itís more fun. After working on-site with over 200 camps, Iíve seen that by re-focusing on proven practices, a camp can turn around in 18 months. If your enrollment isnít growing right now, then you canít wait. Please thoroughly investigate the resources and testimonials on this web site, and give me a call. Iíll help you grow the camp you love.

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