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"Gary, you should write a book!" I hear that all the time, but when I ask camp people the last leadership book they've read, most can't think of even one. (Most under 30 haven't even heard of "Good to Great.") But these short (usually 2 to 3 page) articles that I've written for Camp Business Magazine, Perspective, or Camping Magazine have proven extremely popular for their focus on one key issue each, the writing style, (some humor!), and photos. I encourage you to look here first when you've got an issue you're dealing with, and print out the articles in color that you'd like your board members or top staff to read. You'll find a "book group" is much easier to get full participation if they only have to read 3 pages a week! The issues and the discussions they will generate are critical to your success. Let me know what you think, and if there's a topic you'd like to be included next.

Building a Camp That Builds Friendships


    There’s really only one reason kids will want to return to your camp: they made friends. And some basic facility improvements will help make that happen on purpose.

Teaching the Skills of Friend-Making

Three Wishes - Making Friends.pdf

    Now, it doesn’t "just happen" at camp, that’s why it doesn’t happen for every camper. But it could…

Reading List for Camp Leaders

Suggested Reading List.pdf

    Are you a Camping Professional? Then you constantly improve your knowlege of our field through independent reading. Nothing's faster, deeper, and more affordable. If you want to be able to tell parents you’re actually an expert in child development (which they think you are), there are books you must read. Marketing? Management? Ditto. They're the secrets to success & an exceptional career.

Making Camp Sticky

Making Camp Sticky PDF

    Every time your campers remember their summer at camp, all the emotions and lessons they leanred come back to life. Should you leave that to chance, or take responsibility for "sending camp home?" Do all of your camper-parents know the great things that happend at camp this summer? Only if they asked their child the right questions, and continue to ask over time. Don't leave that to chance, either!

The Elevator Speech

The Elevator Speech-gf.pdf

    Every day we sell our camp; and most of the time we blow it. Until you have this task finished, don’t spend ANYTHING on brochures or web sites.

Making Memories Last… and Spread

Making Memories that Last-gf.pdf

    When summer is over, some of your campers will ask their parents to sign them up again for next years. And some of them won’t. Some parents tell all of the friends about your camps, and others don’t. Here’s why.

Camp Web Site and Brochure Design

Brochures and Web Sites-gf.pdf

    Tailor your image to fit the concerns and expectations of your number-one registration group; otherwise you’ve not only wasted your money, you’ve handed the customer to your competitors.

Avoid the Big Mistakes

Avoid the Big Mistakes - gf.pdf

    Preventing the oh-so-common new facility disasters you’ve seen at “that other camp” when good intentions have unintended consequences.

So You Want a Master Plan?

So you want a Master Plan.pdf

    You can’t buy good results. Period. Homework on your part is the difference between “Great Plan!” and “useless.”

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